Becoming a Child Care Health Consultant

This online training is designed to provide the tools with which Child Care Health Consultants can turn their knowledge into effective interventions that improve health and safety for children, staff, and others within the child care community.  Eligible applicants must be a nurse, physician, registered dietitian, or social worker.  Click here to apply for the LACCHC Training.


  • Explain the key elements of the consultation process, including the roles and responsibilities of a Louisiana Child Care Health Consultant (CCHC)
  • Provide skills-building concepts which address policy development and medication administration training
  • Outline key concepts of the LDH Sanitary Code
  • Outline key concepts of food safety in the child care environment

How to become a LA CCHC through the CCHC Online Training Program:

  • Successful completion of all modules
  • Score at least 80 % on all quizzes
  • Attend at least 2 child care center trainings with an existing CCHC; documentation must be sent to the LA CCHC program within 2 weeks of visit.
  • Agree to attend the CCHC annual conference within 11 months of successfully completing the CCHC Online Training Program
  • A CCHC must sign an agreement contract upon completion of the CCHC Online Training Program, which acknowledges his/her commitment to comply with the requirements and responsibilities of the Louisiana CCHC Program. *Once all above are achieved a credentialing certificate will be mailed to the participant. Failure to do any of the above will result in revoking/denial of certification.


There is no cost for this training

Continuing Education:

Continuing Education is not offered for the online training.