LACCHC Training Guidelines During COVID-19

In an effort to comply with Governor Edwards’ declaration to avoid personal contact and stay at home, LACCHC trainings for centers during this declared emergency may be done via teleconferencing using the following guidelines:

  • Trainings must be conducted with video conferencing where the instructor can visualize attendees. Platforms such a Zoom work well for this type of training.
  • Instructors must be able to confirm and document the attendee’s presence.
  • Trainees must attend the training from an electronic device such as computer, laptop, tablet, or smart phone. If the center’s employees do not have access to an electronic device, the employees may attend from one location, but must practice social distancing protocols with no more than 10 people per room.
  • These trainings will be live. Viewing a recorded training does not count as attendance.
  • Certificates should be mailed to the center upon completion.

If centers do not have video capabilities for the trainings and are concerned regarding expiration of licensure requirements, , they should contact the Department of Education to request guidance for requesting licensure requirement extensions.

You can choose whichever platform you would like as long as you are able to visualize the attendees, and they have the ability to ask questions. Zoom has free accounts and is relatively easy to set up and use.  Go to “” to set up a free account.  Here’s a link to a Zoom tutorial with lots of tips for use.

Bureau of Family Health staff are currently working remotely, but are still available to answer questions. Please contact us via email at or by phone at (504) 568-2876.

Stay safe and healthy.